Welcome to MOD-Finder

MOD-Finder is an easy-to-use R Shiny tool to search for compound-related omics datasets in different layer: transcriptome, proteome, metabolome.

We are sorry, MOD-Finder is currently not running properly. Maintenance is ongoing.

MOD-Finder Workflow

Given a certain chemical name or ID, MOD-Finder uses the CompTox Dashboard and Pubchem databases to digitally identify the compound. In a next step, omics data sets, that are somehow linked with this compound are searched in public databases. Therefore, the user can choose which specific omics layer are targeted, e.g., transcriptomics, proteomics, and/or metabolomics. Furthermore, compound-specific information can be retrieved from additional sources (CTDbase) and will be visualized to provide insights into the perturbations that are known to be triggered by a specific chemical.

Public omics databases that can be queried by MOD-Finder:

How to use MOD-Finder

1) Specify the compound of interest

- In Step I.a insert either the compound name, a synonym, or the ID (Pubchem, CAS, or Comptox Dashboard)

2) Select the ouputs

- Specify if additional compound information should be retrieved, integrated, and visualized

- Specify in which omics layer data sets should be searched for

- Click the 'Refine' buttion

3) Refine the exact search string(s)

- When a compound of interest results in multiple potential search strings, use the provided options in Step II to specify either the exact search string that should be used for the hunt for omics data sets or search with all combinations.

- Click the 'Search' button

Further Reading

For more detailed information, please have a look at the Application Note: Canzler et al. , 2019, MOD-Finder: Identify mulit-omics data sets related to defined chemical exposure (submitted)


This work was funded by the Cefic Long-Range Research Initiative Programme (Project C5-XomeTox ).